Scarifying & Coating Removal

Scarifying & Coating Removal in South Kempsey, NSW

Concrete scarifying is one of the one of the old methods used years ago to level a floor and to prepare a concrete floor for further treatment. Scarifying creates a lot of dust and is typically very noisy. Typically, this method is not used anymore due to the risk that the grooves or lines created by the scarifying technique can still be seen through a new layer of concrete.

The scarifying lines look unsightly and make the surface uneven. The scarifying machine is equipped with a rotating, cutting tool that rotates in a very high speed that works to tear the surface apart. A concrete scarifier can be difficult to operate and generates strong vibrations. 

Concrete grinding can replace the scarifying and effectively level your surface without the appearance of any lines or imperfections. 

Coating Removal

Concrete coatings can give your surface a new colour or texture. The coating can also protect your surface from premature wear and tear, as well as safeguard from scratches or cracking. 

If you need to remove the coating but don’t want to risk it by attempting this job yourself, our concrete coating removal crew will use the proper solutions to remove the layer of coating.

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