Pour and Polish

Concreting Services in South Kempsey, NSW

Pour and Polish Direct are the concreting side of our business. From pouring the concrete and building your structure from the ground up to applying a polish to your surface, our concreting experts truly can do it all!

With our years of experience and our sophisticated equipment, our team can perform any number of jobs that you may need. We offer floor levelling, diamond grinding, line removal, sealing and much more. We can apply a fresh layer of concrete to create a new structure that you need, or we can protect the current surface you have by applying polish or a seal coat.

Only the concreting experts at Pour and Polish offer complete service in the South Kempsey area. We can install your concrete or perform diamond grinding to restore your existing surface. Learn more about our services below.
Our Brands
  • Husqvarna
  • Boral 
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