Laminate Installation in South Kempsey, NSW

Laminate flooring is truly versatile and beautiful. Laminate is unique in that it has the ability to take on the look of virtually any other surface. Whether you want to recreate a timber look or you’ve always wanted stone tiles, laminate is a more cost-effective option that can give you the same visual appeal. 

Laminate can have a soft appearance or an even, upright finish to make for a formal look. With endless options for style and customisation, you will absolutely love your new flooring!

How to Clean

Laminate can be damaged by applying the cleaner directly to the surface when cleaning. To prevent any stains or imperfections caused by cleaning, lightly spray on the cleaner and avoid tools such as mops, steam cleaners or power cleaners.

It is important to avoid mopping with water and dry up water spills immediately to preserve the integrity of your surface.

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