Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing Service in South Kempsey, NSW

Concrete polishing is one of our most popular concrete services because we can effectively add style and durability to your surface. The polish will add a sophisticated shine and sheen to your surface, making your property look much more classic and finished. 

To polish your concrete, we will treat your surface with a chemical densifier and grind it progressively with finer grinding tools. The grinding tools include progressive grits of diamond grinding cup wheels and diamond polishing pads.

Polishing Applications

There are many types of surfaces that can benefit from concrete polishing. Many commercial properties such as medical facilities, housing developments, hotel and leisure sites, factories and much more can use concrete polishing to keep their surfaces looking well-maintained and welcoming.

Residential properties can also benefit from this type of service, because many garages, sheds or other work spaces will need a top layer to give your space a more finished and polished look.

To give your concrete a smoother look and feel and to protect your surface from any scratches or gouges, please call today. We can prolong the life of your concrete!
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