Bamboo Flooring in South Kempsey, NSW

Bamboo offers a distinct textured loop finish that is created by a simple loop. Well-suited to heavy traffic areas, bamboo is a preferred flooring choice for many types of businesses or residential properties with children and large families in the household.

This type of material is great for all types of flooring applications because it does not show footprints or scuff marks. In addition to bamboo’s durability, this natural material can give your home or commercial building a more organic, beautiful look. Bamboo can also come in different shades and hues, lending a look to your space that will fit in with your existing décor. 

Bamboo Maintenance

Professionals recommend that you clean your bamboo floors with a vacuum or by sweeping the floor on a regular basis. To protect your surface from scratching or scuffs, we recommend putting felt tips or protective caps under your furniture.

If anything is spilled on the floor, be sure to tend to it quickly and clean the spill up as soon as it happens. This will prevent your floor from developing stains or becoming uneven.

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